About Us

PT. Asiapools Kalista was established on 11 January 1991 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Oriented in the constructions of public and private swimming pools such as hotel, apartment, water boom/park, recreation, tourism, private home pool, etc…)

Until now, we have made more than 7000 pools nationwide.

What We Believe

Our Vision

We will deliver total customer satisfaction by providing the best value in services, total solutions and products quality in water and waste water treatment plant and to be recognized as a world class water and waste water treatment industry.

Our Mission

1. We will educate people become care with water healthiness.

2. We protect public health and enhance the environment by treating water properly.

3. We intend to make available to communities environmentally friendly and sustainable systems to properly treat water and to provide more available clean water for their community, and save the planet.